Wyboston Lakes Resort chef's toast to success at the UK IACC Copper Skillet Award

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Wyboston Lakes Resort chef Alex Walton will represent the venue for the second year in a row at the IACC’s European Copper Skillet in October after winning the Junior category at the UK IACC Copper Skillet Award competition.

Fellow Wyboston Lakes Resort chef Ben Arthurs was placed second in the Junior category.

The renowned competition was recently held at the newly transformed Rosewood suite at the Woodlands Event Centre at Wyboston Lakes Resort. 17 chefs from conference and meetings venues around the world took part.

Simon McMahon, General Manager of Wyboston Lakes Resort Willows Training Centre and Woodlands Event Centre says “It was a great event, the venue looked fantastic and I am extremely proud of the team here at Wyboston Lakes Resort, both those competing and all those that helped bring the event together.”

IACC, a global community that represents more than 400 venues organising and hosting meetings, recognises the vital role that foodservice plays in conference venue operations by staging its annual Copper Skillet competition.  The competition, in its 16th year, was created to highlight the artistry and skills of IACC-member conference venue chefs from around the world and to honour their contributions in providing unparalleled conference experiences.

Mark Cooper, CEO, IACC commented “At a time where conference food is rightly recognised as a critical element of the meeting experience for delegates, showcasing the quality of our member chefs here in the UK is fantastic. IACC meeting venues continue to lead the industry in culinary excellence and this group of chefs and this competition is a key part of showcasing their abilities”.

For more information, please visit www.wybostonlakes.co.uk/business